Vulakovich/Costa Fire Training Measure Moving

Yesterday, the Senate Education Committee unanimously reported Senate Bill 955 to the full Senate.  This legislation, sponsored by Senators Randy Vulakovich (R-38) and Jay Costa (D-43), creates an incentive for community colleges to establish Fire Training Programs within secondary schools. 

SB 955 would establish a 3-year pilot program – providing $150,000 each year to three community colleges – one each in the Eastern, Central, and Western parts of the state.  Community colleges would be charged with establishing partnerships with secondary schools to provide Fire training to high school students.

“Many fire companies are facing severe shortages of volunteers,” said Sen. Vulakovich.  “We have found that if students are not joining a volunteer fire company by the time they graduate, they rarely join the firefighting ranks.  One way we can address this is to provide training to students while they are in high school.  Community colleges have been at the forefront in training future firefighters.  This legislation will help create new partnerships and ultimately help address our shortage of volunteer firefighters.”

“I’m a supporter of this bill, and of all of the work community colleges do, because I see the gaps that they are filling to prepare our young people for a wide variety of fields,” said Sen. Costa, Minority Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee.  “I sit on the board of the Community College of Allegheny County and I’m constantly inspired by the work that they’re doing getting students ready to attend a four-year college, or start a career.  Community college is an affordable, accessible way for students to start tackling any number of skills; in fact, I started my own post-secondary education in community college.  Maintaining a well-trained fire service is crucial for our safety across the state, and community colleges are a natural home for that training.  While Senate Bill 955 only creates a pilot program for this training, I have no doubt that our community colleges will rise to the challenge and exceed expectations, as they always have.”

This legislation is an offspring of the statewide Fire & EMS Study that was initiated as a result of legislation, Senate Resolution 6, which Senators Vulakovich and Costa introduced.

Senate Bill 955 now goes before the full Senate for consideration.

Click here for audio of Sen. Vulakovich’s remarks.

Contact:         Nate Silcox (717) 787-6538 (Senator Vulakovich)

                        Brittany Crampsie (717) 787-7683 (Senator Costa)