Vulakovich Resolution Honors Tuskegee Airmen

The Senate adopted a measure Wednesday introduced by Senator Randy Vulakovich (R-38) recognizing the 77th Anniversary of the Tuskegee Airmen.

There were many, many distinguished units that served our nation during World War II, but few – if any – had the long-ranging impact as the 1,000 African-American pilots who trained at Moton Field air base in Tuskegee, Alabama, beginning March 22, 1941. Seventy-five of those pilots hailed from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

“Overall, these pilots flew more than 15,000 missions in the Europe, earning three Distinguished Unit Citations, eight Purple Hearts, 14 Bronze Stars and 96 Distinguished Flying Crosses,” Senator Vulakovich said.

“These men amassed an amazing record under fire. But, we must never forget that back in that era Tuskegee Airmen essentially fought two wars – one against a military force overseas and the other against racism at home and abroad,” added Senator Vulakovich. “It is appropriate that we honor these men for their combat record and for their leadership role in breaking through prejudice and serving as true role models for generations to come.”

The Tuskegee Airmen Memorial, the largest outdoor memorial of its kind in America — located in Sewickley — was dedicated on September 15, 2013, to commemorate the legacy of the Airmen who hailed from Western Pennsylvania. 

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