Vulakovich Pushes for Remedy for Adam Walsh Act



The Senate today approved an amendment offered by Senator Randy Vulakovich to address a state Supreme Court ruling that – if not corrected – could require more than 10,000 sexual offenders to be removed from the state sexual offender registry.

Senator Vulakovich introduced the amendment to House Bill 631, which is currently before the full Senate for final passage.

The Supreme Court ruled in Commonwealth v. Muniz that the state sexual offender registration act, commonly known as Megan’s Law or the Adam Walsh Act, could not be applied to defendants who committed their crimes before the enactment of the Adam Walsh Act in 2012 based on both the U.S. Constitution and the Pennsylvania Constitution.

House Bill 631, with Senator Vulakovich’s amendment, makes the registration and reporting requirements less onerous by permitting offenders whose offenses occurred before the Adam Walsh Act to petition the court for relief from those requirements.

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